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It’s embarrassing enough to be told that you snore or mumble in your sleep, but imagine being told that you take off all your clothes, moan in ecstasy, and sometimes even pleasure yourself—all without any memory of doing so. This is what happens with Sexsomnia.

Researchers at the Sleep Disorder Center at Stanford University have classified the sexual behaviors that occur during sleep into three categories. The first involves actions that the researchers describe as “annoying,” though not harmful. Cases in this category include sexual moaning loud enough to be heard in adjoining rooms, attempts to remove clothing, and mumbling sexually inappropriate phrases. The second category includes behaviors that are also considered annoying but are, at times, harmful to the person suffering from Sexsomnia. Often, this involves violent masturbation that can cause bruising and soreness the next morning. The last, and most severe, category is for actions that are harmful to others. These cases involve inappropriate and violent sexual behavior.

When confronted, people with Sexsomnia have no memory of their actions and become confused and embarrassed. One case study described a man who was so ashamed of his uncontrollable sexual behavior that he refused to share a bed with his wife and would restrain himself during the night to prevent any inappropriate conduct. But even that didn’t work. According to the researchers, on one particular evening his Sexsomnia desires were so forceful that he not only broke his restraints, but also two fingers.

Most bed partners of those with Sexsomnia find the behavior disquieting and unwelcome. There have even been cases of arrest for sexual battery. Other cases aren’t quite as severe, and the episodes of Sexsomnia may be indistinguishable from sex when awake. One woman didn’t realize that her husband was suffering from Sexsomnia for months. Finally one night, she clued in when she noticed something different about her husband while they were having sex: he was snoring.

Some people think that the diagnosis of Sexsomnia is used to justify inappropriate sexual advances. However, in nearly every case, doctors were able to document abnormal patterns of REM (rapid eye movement) or non-REM sleep, something impossible to fake. The majority of cases also had other psychiatric diagnoses. Fortunately, most patients with Sexsomnia can be successfully treated with psychotropic medications.

Scott helvenston - Mom: Blackwater should never forget my boy

Katy Helvenston never wants Blackwater or America to forget her boy. Scott Helvenston was a decorated Navy man who, at age 17, became one of the youngest Navy SEALs in U.S. history.


Synesthesia (also spelled synæsthesia or synaesthesia, plural synesthesiae or synaesthesiae) - of old Greek σύν (syn), importantly „also, “and of αἴσθησις (aisthēsis) and mean „feeling “'- is a neurologically created phenomenon, in which suggestion from a sensory or cognitive course leads to the automatic, involuntary experiences in a second sensory or cognitive course. In a general form synesthesia, color admits synesthesia, letters or numbers is noticed, as as Graphem →, while in the linguistic Ordnungspersonification, colored in the numbers, in the days of the week and in the months of the yearly in itself procurementnesses to mention. In the spatial sequence or number form synesthesia, numbers, months yearly and/or days of the week accurate positions in the area out-get (e.g., 1980 can be far as 1990 „away “) or can have a three-dimensional opinion of a yearly as diagram (right around or left around).

Sometimes during cross-sensory metaphors (e.g., „loud shirt “, „bitter wind “or „stacheliges laughter “) to be described, as „synesthetic “, applicable neurological is involuntary synesthesia. It becomes estimated that synesthesia like 1 in 23 persons over its distance of the variants (Simner et al. to be so predominant can. 2006). Synesthesia runs strongly in families, but the accurate mode of the inheritance has to be determined. Also sometimes Synesthesia is reported of the individuals under the influence of the psychedelischen drugs, after a notice or as consequence of the blindness or the deafness. Synesthesia, which develops from such not genetic cases, characterized as being added synesthesia, in order to differentiate it from the more general kongenitalen forms of synesthesia. The being added thing synesthesia, drugs or notice with includes (however those not blindness or the deafness) refers apparent only sensory ones linkings like more soundly → sight or note → audition also; there are few if culture-based, learned sets of each possible reported drop with including such as Grapheme, Lexeme, days of the week or months of the yearly.

Although synesthesia the topic of the intensive scientific investigation was end of 1800s and the early 1900s, it was left largely in the mid-20th century and was rediscovered only recently by the modern researchers. Psychological research has shown that synesthetic experiences can have measurable behavior consequences, during neuroimaging function studies marked, differences concerning the samples of the brain activation (for a report Hubbard and Ramachandran 2005 sees).

To take prisoner can, many people with synesthesia use their experiences, in order to help during their creative process, and many non synesthetes tried to cause works of art which it is as to experience synesthesia. Psychologists and neurologists do not only study synesthesia for his associated interest, in addition, for the views, which there can be to the cognitive and perception processes, which arise in everyone, synesthete and non synesthete directly.


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The story about cheap mp3s

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