Tuesday, October 2, 2007

The story about cheap mp3s

I've never swapped music, or purchased any online, but I thought I'd give it a try. I paypal'd $10, which sets up an account for 1 GB of music. At that rate you should get about 200 songs for your $10. I picked Norah Jones Feels Like Home in 192 kb/sec MP3 format, which comes to 4.52 MB and costs only $0.045. Then I found out it was the wrong song... I just don't have this figured out yet. But the site seems to work well, and I feel a little safer using Paypal than a credit card. Besides, they have William Hung's new album. Now how could I pass that up?
The site is http://www.mp3sparks.com/ and you might want to blow $10 there before the RIAA goes nuts on the Russians. Then again, the Russian's have a nuclear arsenal.
But once i find out that most russian mp3 site are cheaper than mp3sparks and allofmp3!

Top russian mp3 stores

1. Mp3fiesta.com
2. Soundike.com
3. Mp3Sale.ru
4. LegalSounds.com
5. Iomoio.com
6. Gomusic.ru
7. Mp3fiesta.com
8. Mp3sugar.com

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Rob said...

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